ABC Dino Imprint

The Illustrators
Holger Schöpflin

The Sound Engineers
Peter v. Siebenthal | Mischka Wettstein | Helge v. Dyke, Marcelo Racca | Graham Shaw

The Translators
Emmanuelle Petit | Archibald McKenzie | Mauro Guiretti

The App Designers
Conception: planBmedia | Reto Senn & Adrian Nägeli, Bitforge | Digital Animation: Yasemin Günay, Koboldgames

The Musicians
Lead Vocals: Roland Zoss (German, French), Clare de Lune (English), Mauro Guiretti (Spanish), Michèle Bachmann und Kinderchor Wetzel (GOLD-ABC) | Backing Vocals: Christine Lauterburg, Loten Namling, Nick Morgan, Christoph Kohli, Kids Choir Mocambique | Keyboards: Stefan W. Müller, Thomas Dumont | Bass: Christoph Kohli, Wolfi Zwiauer, Raimund Gerstner | Cello: Martin Birnstiel | Guitars: Mario Capitanio, Marc Rossier, Georges Müller, Shirley Grimes, Roland Zoss | Drums: Julian Sartorius, Fabian Kuratli, Marc Jundt | Percussion: Stephan Rigert | Sax: Wege Wüthrich | Harp, Irish Harp, Kora: Rebekka Ott, Jobarteh Basuru, Asita Hamidi | Hammer Dulcimer: Töbi Tobler | Didgeridoo: Tin Winkler | Whirlies: Sarah Hopkins | Tin Wistle: Joe McHugh | Dran-Yen & Tib. Lute: Loten Namling | Swiss Accordeon: Res Schmid

The Writer
Since 1979 Roland Zoss has been singing about the longings of a generation for emotional warmth and open-mindedness about the world. As a sensitive singer and gifted lyricist he often glides ahead of time on the wings of poetry.

Roland Zoss is a narrator and soft rebel who goes his very own way, creating gentle songs that open the doors to your soul. He is a man moving between the cultures of Europe and the world, between words and sounds, between children and grown-ups.His poetry and music thrills many not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany, Australia and the USA.