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«The ABC Dino Xenegugeli is a little work-of-art!»

Swiss Family 1999


«A marvelous combination of great narrative and excellent animations makes this educational app one that every parent should own.»

iphoneapprewiev 2013 | 4.5 stars

«The sounds and music are great for creating mental associations whilst learning the letters. What is great too is that besides the lite version you can also download it in four other languages. So that you can introduce the concept of a foreign language from early on.»

Educational Apps 2014 | 5 stars

«ABC Xenegugeli in 5 languages: Children's songwriter Roland Zoss uses music to teach children how to write – on the iPhone and iPad.»

Typemania press bureau 2013

«The charming 'Xenegugeli ABC' animal alphabet by Roland Zoss is a work of art enlivened by pictures, sounds and songs. A well-established classic in the genre of children's music, and number one in Switzerland, the App stands for Swiss educational quality. The meaningful activity generated by 'Xenegugeli ABC' has already introduced thousands of children to the written word.»

The Huffington Post 2013