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Universal-App | «ABC Dino» | in 5 languages
26 animated animals, including sounds, songs and writing exercises
Educational game for kids (up to 3 years) and schools

First place Swiss «Eduacation» category 2013

CHF/Euro 6.00
Year of publication: 2009
Update multilingual: 2014 by Bitforge

Available in English, Swiss German, German, French and Spanish
Check out the lite version (free)

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E-Book | «ABC Dino» | World languages
The E-Book: 26 animal illustrations including song lyrics
Available in English, German, French and Spanish

from CHF/Euro 12.00
Year of publication: 2011

mp3 album | «ABC Dino» | English
26 animals songs, see also E-Book (pictures & lyrics) and App
Playfully learning the ABC in English!

CHF 18.00
Year of publication: 2014